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Leaving does work - or the threat of it does

Dialled in

Been with Virgin for 11 years.  Had many discounted prices over the years.  Was paying £99 a month for three boxes, Mega TV, UHD, 500 meg, etc etc.  Went up to £165.  I tend to ring at contract end and they give me a good deal.  Not this time, the lowest they would offer was £136.  Looked into Sky Stream, all in for £70, although admittedly not as fast BB, but what the hell.  A change is as good as a rest, etc etc.

Didn't cancel straight away, had a word with the wife, decided we would finally leave.  Got back on chat, despite them trying to persuade me otherwise with "deals" that were still double the Sky price I finally did it.  Felt liberating in a way.

Got a call this morning from Virgin.  Said they didn't want me to leave, etc etc.  To cut a long story short, got everything for £70 for 18 months.  Very pleased with that.

Amazing really.  Shows what they can do, when you actually do press the button and cancel your contract.


Knows their stuff

Good to hear that the cancellation itself (despite later being revoked) was apparently fairly straightforward for you. 

I'm not a Very Insightful Person (just a little bit, sometimes). I don't work for Virgin Media (but then nor do any of the offshore customer service agents).


Well done. You are lucky though as call-backs are not guaranteed. I'll be in a similar situation, but prepared to walk this time as don't want 18 month lock-in with no escape clauses when potentially 2 inflation + 3.9% price hikes hit. The old days, the price was for contract or had penalty free exit clauses.

Well, I was prepared to walk.  It was no idle threat.  The new price they offered me was £70 more than Sky.  As I had never actually cancelled before I had no idea that I would get a call today.  I thought yesterday when I finally cancelled was it, the end.  30 days notice and I'd be off.

They were lucky really.  Yesterday I was signing up for Sky Stream when I realised that I would be charged 14 days after receiving the Sky Stream box, so I was just going to wait a couple of weeks and order.  If I'd ordered yesterday, I probably would still have gone to Sky. Their loss.

I do find it odd though that they were adamant that £136 was the lowest they could possibly go and were prepared to see me leave.  Then today, they can whack another £66 off.

I'll have to keep a close eye on this though.  18 month contract at £70 a month.  From month 19 it will go up to £215!  I don't think so.  Maybe, that is the time I'll finally leave.