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Late Payment Charges

On our wavelength
Yet again I am forced to pursue what amounts to Virgin knowingly and fraudulently taking (if not stealing) unauthorised funds from my bank account on totally false pretences of late payment charges when I pay by automatic Direct Debit upon Virgin demand and NEVER in 30 years as a customer having defaulted or missed a monthly payment.

Virgin keep charging me a £7.50 late payment fee (this time January and February's 2024 invoices) AND taking this incorrect amount along with my contract monthly charges from my bank account.

This continuing issue goes back to April 2022 (yes nearly 2 years!!!) despite my previous escalated complaints and umpteen promises and assurances by the "Senior Executive Resolutions Team" it has been fixed each and everytime by Virgin.
Has anyone else had this problem, and how did you resolve it as Virgin demonstrably can't? I am now in contact with the Ombudsman, and potentially going to pursue this through the Small Claims Court process.due to the wasted time and stress this has caused over 2 years of going through the repeated Complaints loop with no remedy

On our wavelength

Exactly the same problem. See my post. It has been going on for 2 years of complaints and unfulfilled promises it has been revolved only to keep happening.

On our wavelength

Same for me, it has been 2 years since this started and still unresolved. See my Post.

Hey @koogeybear,

Welcome back to the Community Forums and thanks for the post.

Sorry that this has still been ongoing, I would like to look into this further with you, for me to do so I will be sending you a private message.