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Is Virgin a scam

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I never expected to be in this situation in 2024 in a EU country. I am forced to be a Virgin customer, as the "campus" I am living in has Virgin as the only option to have broadband. Well, what to do? I signed for the lousy tv offer too. And after a couple of weeks, I signed up for sky sports. 3 months for free. After a few hours of watching the sad selection of sports that were available, I just called back to Virgin to cancel that option, as it was the first day of my european citizen right of cooling off (14 days). After 30 min (!) waiting, I spoke to a nice guy that sorted everything out, apparently. He moved my bill to paperless too. Well. I received my bill yesterday and not only he did not cancel anything, but I have to pay from the very first month! As there is no email or chat to complain, just calling or postal mail (which can be throwed to the bin on arrival), the only thing I can call this company is a scam. 

Sadly, I live in Ireland, where there is no such thing as a proper public service (although we pay almost half of our salaries to maintain whatever the state does here). I think I just have the option of stop paying my bills. 


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Forum Team

Hi Drgabon, 

Thanks for your post and welcome to our Community Forums!

We are sorry to hear about this poor experience you've had after signing up 😥
I understand you've stated you're in Ireland, could you tell us where in Ireland please?