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IMFS debt collectors for mysterious bill from 2021

Tuning in

Hi, I have today received phone calls, emails and now text messages from IMFS debt collectors claiming I have unpaid bills from virgin media broadband dating back to may 2021. We moved house and I cancelled our package as VM couldn't provide a service at the new address. I thought I paid all bills and i also sent back our router. I received no correspondence from VM about unpaid bills, so v confused. I phoned VM today and they told me its probably a scam and to ignore, but having googled the companies name, it looks genuine. They are telling me virgin media have sold the debt to them & passed on all my personal info to them. VM are saying they can't email me confirmation that my closing account is cleared with no outstanding bills. 

Looking for a speedy resolution pls as v stressed and being hounded by the so called debt collectors 


Knows their stuff

There is relevant information already on the CAB website which is worth a read to be aware of your rights. Be aware that other agencies websites may be in relation to US regulations

Good luck

I had exactly the same issue from March 2021 no demands emails calls letters and now I’ve got a ousting debt on my credit score , I’m confident that this has happened to many customers and believe virgin media just sold of loads of debts during the pandemic as they couldn’t chase people then for money so now nearly 2 years later we are all getting these debt collectors asking for payment 
I’ve spend the last few weeks giving detail after detail to a admin on here in private to be told you don’t owe anything then a week later oh you do owe something so you will have to pay it , it’s disgusting tactics that we all need to make sure that we let everyone know on social media etc 

On our wavelength

I now have a default on my credit score too, apparently from June 2021! Finally got a response from JCIA who VM told me to contact to be told they dont have any details of me under the ref number sent to me. So ref number supplied doesnt work when put into CRS site and JCIA know nothing about me, yet virgin have posted a default against me for a debt i dont owe and still getting threatening texts from dodgy CRS firm. Have contacted FCA who have given me details of Financial Services Register to contact. .....Through all this the only information ive ever been sent is texts demanding i click a link to pay money for a 'debt' i know absolutely nothing about. Ive never had any details of what i owe any money for or anything. The texts dont even say what its for. When i closed my account with VM 2 years ago i did everything correctly as asked and returned all the equipment (which they acknowledged receipt of). Now they are trying to make me (and everyone else thats being screwed feel like a criminal). It seems they have falsely made up debts and then just sold them to debt collectors. This is either deliberate on their behalf or a mistake was made and they dont have the balls to just admit it, apologise and sort it out. It's not about the 60 quid. If there was a genuine mistake and VM contacted me directly to discuss i wouldn't have had a problem and just paid it. But to think that without me knowing they they just came up with a debt and then just sold it off to damage me is disgusting. And then refuse to discuss it just because im an ex customer. If they think im going to roll over and just be robbed they can think again. 

Joining in

Well after all this time and reading all your answers to this topic, I come to say that today I’ve received an identical email. I started stressing out abt it and looking for closure emails with VM, as exactly one year ago I closed the contract and paid final bill and sent the equipment as requested by them.

Since November last year when I’ve paid the last bill I haven’t heard from them, no call, no email and no letter, considering I haven’t moved from the address or changed mail or phone no.

Now I get this email, WITH A DISCOUNT 🤣😂 from this company, apparently very well known and important.

I’ve called VM and stressed them out to find all info abt my old account and results that I paid everything and never ended contract with debts, finally telling me to just ignore that email, most probably being scam.

Now, is this just the beginning of scam emails or is it for real?  
P.S.: The debt collector’s email address ends in , which for me looks a bit awkward 😒


Read this thread, horrific by the way, and found this online which you should give a thorough read through. I found it in seconds so no doubt more helpful advice out there. The email address ( appears to be legit.