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I've been randomly charged £160 after moving my contract to new address

Tuning in

I had virgin media account for more than a year. Before moving houses I called them and asked to move my account to the new address without changes.

A person on the phone said that I might receive emails with charges that look random and that I'll be given a new account number, but that I shouldn't worry, and they will keep changing me usual amount per month (£31).

Yesterday I received notification from my bank that Virgin charged me £160. I deleted direct debit as it looked like they are planning to charge me again 10 days later with the same amount. 

What is happening with the billing I don't understand? Why are users getting charged random amount of money constantly?


Community elder

First thing not to do is cancel the direct debit.

VM will continue to attempt to take money and cause issues with your credit rating.

I've read this after I already cancelled it. I actually have 2 direct debits from Virgin Media and I don't understand why.

Any advice on what to do in that case?

You need to contact VM directly, or wait up to several days for a reply on here.

Tuning in

By looking at the account it seems like they cancelled my previous contract and charged me for the early cancellation despite reassuring me on the on the phone that it won't happen. The next payment is going to be double of what I pay regularly on for my contract. This was supposed to be moved and not cancelled and reopened again.
Their agents also told me on the phone that numbers might look different on the email, but I shouldn't worry as I won't be overcharged. 

Hey VM what's happening?

You have been swizzed by the offshore agent. Unwanted new contracts upon moving house are becoming a theme. Raise a formal complaint with a view to escalating to the Ombudsman as required. Also secure all of your call recordings. The links are below. Lastly consider whether you still want to be with this company and if you are still within the first fortnight of the new contract just cancel under the cooling off period. 

Cancel VM here
Complain to VM
Demand compensation from VM here
Demand your call recordings here
Monitor the state of your VM connection here

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi alinaish

Thank you for your post, welcome to the forums.

I am terribly sorry to hear you've been charged £160 unexpectedly. I can certainly look into this for you.

It's likely showing that you have two Direct Debits with us because a new account is set up for customers when they move home. Even though you wouldn't receive any further charges or bills on the account at the old address, your Direct Debit may still show as active from there.

I've popped over a private message so I can look into this further for you.