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How hard can it be to move Virgin to a new property?

Joining in

Hi all.

I called a month or so ago asking how much notice we'd need to give when moving Virgin to our new build house, and was told usually just 10 to 14 days, so, I called today to arrange a date.

First twice I got thru to a foreign based call centre, and when I gave them our new address, they said it wasnt on the system, that they'd, ahem, "need to put me thru to someone else", and promptly ended the call, cutting me off.

3rd time lucky, spoke to someone based in the UK.

I explained that our house is a new build, the estate has BT Openreach and Virgin available to ALL properties, its advertised on their brochures as such, and that our house has just been finished.

He said that our property (number 27) wasnt on their list, or the Royal Mail list. I said that we know that upto number 26 is on the system, and that 31 onwards is too, and they all can get Virgin, so, clearly, there is no way that number 27 wouldnt be able to get it!

So, on that basis, couldnt he just book the move ?

Apparently not (despite the fact if we lived at number 26 facing us, we'd be fine).

He also said they could not arrange the move (to the property that is Virgin ready mind) until it appears on their system, and, he did not know how long that could take.

So, due to ill health I work from home. Im moving house to a property where I cant work from home, and am going to be paying for a tv and broadband service when I have none of either.

This, is just.....its just bonkers.

Anyone any suggestions or ideas ?

Our builder havs already submitted the usual info to Royal Mail to get it on their database.

Many thanks in advance.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for reaching out to us @S_and_G_Murphy, and I'm sorry to hear of the issues with the obtaining of the existing services in your new property.

I'd be happy to take some details from you to see if I can assist with the prospect of having the services installed at your new address.



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @S_and_G_Murphy 

Wishing you good luck when you do move to your new house.

It might be worthwhile getting in touch with Royal Mail yourself via the link below with your address details.(You will receive a response from Royal Mail within 5 working days, so it may take a little longer with it being Easter bank holiday.)  Once they have your property listed VM should be able to update their records. It might also be beneficial them having the full correct info as that may be needed by other companies.


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Hi David,

I have sent you a PM

Many thanks.

Thanks @S_and_G_Murphy,

I'll be in touch via private message as soon as possible.