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How do I get through to UK agent who is not script reading

Tuning in

So I upgraded my package on Sunday which includes a SIM which was supposed to be calls and text as I asked to clarify is it unlimited data because if it inst I do not want this package and they confirmed it is. I've now and emails from O2 and its only 2gb. I have then gone onto live chat to be told don't worry it's 2gb and we double it so it's 4gb then telling them it should be unlimited as you have clearly miss sold this package to then be told That I can ring O2 to change to unlimited for £25. Really getting frustrated now I explained this package is incorrect I am not paying to upgrade to something I was sold so I want to cancel they then transfer me to support team who then take ages and then come up with ahhh I see your having problems with your sim, you shoild ring this number. I then explain no I want to cancel my package. I then get put through to someone else who then calls me Simon which isn't my name and tells me I must pay an early disconnection fee of £973.85 even though this package was sold to me based on lies and I only had the contract for 3 days so within my 14 cancellation period.

So how do I get through to someone in the UK who is not script reading and actually knows there stuff as I've also made phone calls which go nowhere with agents not understanding and clearly reading from a script


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Azzd 

Welcome to our community forums and sorry to hear you had this experience with the sim of your Volt deal. We can understand the frustration caused. As we do not have access to O2 systems, it would be best to contact them as seen here They will be able to best advise on the current package or to process cancellation of the sim. Please note if you cancel the sim, you may lose some Volt benefits 


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Well it isn't O2s problem it's virgins they sold me the package as unlimited data. I would not have taken the package deal knowing it wasn't unlimited, so I will be cancelling both virgin and O2 just to the customer service experience and the fact they tell and sell you thing and give you something different.

We don't have access to the O2 systems to assist with this Azzd, you would need to contact them directly as advised by my colleague using any of the methods here.



I've done that O2 confirmed it is 2gb SIM and need to verify with virgin it is supposed to be unlimited data to change so passed me back to virgin who have told it isn't 2gb it's unlimited so I said well O2 needs telling so they can change it and apparently they don't have a number for the O2 team to tell them. 

Also a package of 72.50 with SIM is not 72.50 it's 72.50 for virgin then £25 for SIM with O2 which is miss-selling a package, your company has turned absolutely disgraceful 

We understand the frustration, we can look to get some O2 assistance for you in regards to the SIM tariff but as advised in the original contract the prices would remain the same.