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How To Cancel At Contract End

Tuning in

I’m so tired of VM apps and website sending me round in circles and following links to broken pages that don’t work, ‘Oops Something Went Wrong’, sign in after sign in, it’s wore me out. All I wanted was to review possible recontracting but it’s endless cycles of getting lost 😞
So, how on earth does one just cancel when contract free ? tia for any simple answer 🙏🏼


Dialled in

I'm in exactly the same position. Was more than happy to renew my contract at the agreed price but the activiation date came and went and like you am sick of the constant broken website. I'm not begging to continue to be a Virgin Media customer so I will vote with my feet as their customer service has gone rapidly downhill. My contract ends on 23rd May and I will be cancelling my contract IN WRITING BY RECORDED DELIVERY as I have read on here about too many people being unable to cancel sucessfully and continuing to be charged. I will also be cancelling my Direct Debit and any monies owed I will send by cheque.

Good Luck

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi milezee1,

Thanks for posting and welcome to our community 😊

Sorry to hear you've had some trouble looking at offers online. The best way for us to check this for you would be to call us on 150 (free of charge) from a Virgin Media landline or 0345 454 1111 from any other phone WhatsApp: +44 7305 327 112.


If that's the best way I'll pass, ringing any kind of VM number is just a merry go round of frustration

@milezee1 wrote:

If that's the best way I'll pass, ringing any kind of VM number is just a merry go round of frustration

You can send a RECORDED letter to Virgin Media, Sunderland, SR43 4AA. Make sure to include your name, address and account number making it clear its a disconnection and termination of services from date of the letter. If you are kind, you could say date of letter + 3 days to allow post office delivery time.

If your ring in, you will likely get offshore retentions who may keep you on hold for a time, randomly transfer you resulting in repeating security questions, then start asking you what you use your devices for, how many people and how many devices to see if they can lower your package. This was my experience this time round (and part of the reason I am now an ex-customer). You may be luckier than me, but I wasted an hour of my life I'll never get back 🙂

Make sure you book an alternative supplier at least 2 weeks before disconnection as there can often be problems, especially if going on FTTC like drop wire aged and needs replacing as it would cause noise, corroded joint in terminal block on the pole etc. Mainly if going FTTC, check online places like to see if they offer FTTC at your specific address. They won't show FTTC options it if your cabinet is full and has a wait list (or has no FTTC anyway!) - so it's a good indicator (BT Availability checker can also do this).

If you go to an ALTNET for FTTP Full Fibre, I'd leave at least 3 weeks or even get the service before cancelling just to be sure they actually do an install on the agreed date.

Good luck on whatever option you choose 🙂