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Had a renewal email- some questions

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Hi all,

i have a loyalty bonus at the moment but got this email 

"It looks like your contract's ending soon. As a thanks for being a Virgin Media customer, we’re giving you an exclusive price when you renew.

You can browse, work, stream, and game just like you do now, and keep enjoying all your Virgin Media benefits, too.

Not only that, but you’ll get peace of mind that your package price will stay the same until 31st March 2025. Monthly price will increase each April from April 2025 by RPI +3.9%."

It doesn't mention anythng about my loyalty discount continuing? Can anyone confirm this or not? i assume not. Cost of living means after 24 years of telewest and virgin media i am actually looking for value of money this time...

i know for a fact TNT Sports won't be included anymore is it reduced however for people on bigger packages or the same price for all? How much is it? I watch WWE (dont judge me) and it moves to netflix january so only need a bit longer...


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @djr_uk 

Welcome back to our community forums and we are glad to hear you are interested in renewing with us. We want to best help. Did the email specify a package price/ offer? Was there a link to follow? You can find out all you need to know about TNT sports here

If you need clarity on the package deals available to you, please let us know and we will be happy to assist.


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Hi there! Nope it doesnt mention a price or package at all. so i'm wondering if it keeps my loyalty bonus for the 18 months or not? All it says is "Sign in to My Virgin Media now to check out your exclusive renewal offers. Forgotten your details? Don’t worry, we can help with that too."

i sign in and can't see anything....

Any help would be most appreciated!


Thank you for that information. Can you confirm the date your discount started?


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hi thanks for the reply. i think it was 18 months previous from august 2024 as my bill says this:

Additional discount that ends on 31 August 2024
+ Ultimate bundle offer - 18 month saving, ends on 31 August 2024
+ You're receiving a 3 discount. If you change your package you may lose this
discount which will end on 31 August 2024

thanks for any advice

Hey @djr_uk,

 With this it does seem that your deals are the full 18 months, with this sometimes the renewal email can come slightly early but with this the best deals often come within the last 60 days of you contract, with this if you give it till this time and check again it may prompt through the website, otherwise check via our website here.


Up to speed

Hi all,

i've now got my offer. I'm currently paying £79 and it'll go up to £81 with this new deal for 18 months. However i've got some issues

1) TNT Sports is no longer included. Thats a bummer. So if i wanted that the contract would be £20 more than i'm currently paying. It doesnt make me want to re-up till August as i'm currently getting TNT Sports. How long is this offer available?

2) I currently have 3 v6 boxes. On my new potential contract all it says "Virgin TV 360" so am i going from having 3 boxes to just 1 box? Additional boxes are usually an extra five quid? So with TNT and this it would be an additional thirty quid a month?

Finally do i need to move to tv360? can't i just stay on v6 software? My mum is elderly and has lots of recordings!

Thank you for any info/advice you can provide

Hey djr_uk, thank you for reaching out and I am sorry to hear this.

The TNT offer could end any day really.

All boxes if due an upgrade are moved onto the 360 which has many improvements.

You can read up about the 360 boxes here

Matt - Forum Team

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