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Tuning in

I got installed on March 22nd and have still not received my xbox gift.I have been lied and lied to on your useless whatsapp team and twitter team keep saying stuff like youll recieve it in 3 days thats now a month passed nothing and said receive update soon everytime and heard nothing.Its complete lies I want answers now and want my xbox.Yous have broke contract and frauded me to join.Keep fobbing me off with your circuis of a company.Exertis who I've foned have never had an order from day 1 of install.I want answers now not next week NOW....


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@Toffs24 A member of the VM Forum Team should be able to assist you with this when they reach this thread.

Whilst waiting for them check out this help page regarding VM promotions:*spwu69*_ga*ODc1MDAyNzQuMTY4MTI5NjA2OA..*_ga_7NQRHWTHK9*....


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Thanks Graham I've tried everything in the list.They have gave me every answer in the book fobbing me off.Only reason why I went with VM was for the xbox or I wouldn't have.Theres something else that must be done?I've put a complaint in still heard nothing.Where is the VM staff who work in this community help? 

Hi there @Toffs24 👋 Welcome to our forum and thanks for your post 😊

Sorry to see you've been having issues with getting your Xbox, I can certainly understand the frustration with chasing this up. I have checked and I can see the Twitter/X team are actively chasing this up so it would be best to allow them to continue helping so as not to have any overlap of it being chased etc.



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Well it's been 3 + months now and on exertis site they do next day delivery.Also exertis have never had an order from yous so this is an absolute joke onnestly 

We can see you are currently discussing this with a member of our social media team, they will respond as soon as possible.

Yes and they have ignored me for hours disgusting company 




Another 1 ignoring me

Also on whatsapp


At it again offering new customer to sign up promising an free xbox S when you have no intentions of doing so?When you can't even deliver February sign up for broadband deals still?People don't fall for this scam it's an absolute lie.They are scum cowboys only getting you to sign up to get them bonuses and commission don't fall for it like i did please....