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Entered into a new contract, got a bill that's almost double the price.

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Hi, newbie here. Just wanted to ask what on earth is going on with my new contract.

On 19th of March, I have accepted the online offer for renewing my current plan which was about to end next month. 
From £34 that I have been paying monthly, I received an ONLINE (VM website, yes) offer for £40 to stick to the same plan (after declining 2 or 3 times from 70+ and then 50+ something sterling pounds).

I have accepted it, went through the process, received the email confirmation, along with all the documentation and new agreement. Sounds good.

Last night, 22nd of March, I get an email from VM telling me my new bill is ready, and (to my surprise) it is £68.54. 

I have spoken to one of the agents online through Whatsapp as I was still at work and this was urgent for me, she seemed automated, or perhaps someone in India was just going through the script, not sure.

What I was told, is that she sees that I have entered into the new contract as it was about to expire, and because it was an online offer, her response exactly was: "I understand that you have made changes online and that can be the reason why the changes is not reflecting. I will try to offer you the same package with the same price."

(happy to provide screenshots btw.)

To which I replied "okay". She then tells me, she tailored the same package for me, BUT she is unable to get me the same deal, because her price tells her she can only offer me £58 per month. And that she is sorry but that is the price that is showing up for.

And I knew she would say this and basically lie, because I had to decline the same offer she was giving me (ONLINE) 3 times before the website gave me the £40 plan.

Anyway, I did decline her silly plan. But that did not answer any of my questions either. All I needed to know was, WHY is my new bill different to the one I have AGREED to ONLINE? And why is she unable to match my new contract that I have literally shown her through the emails I have received from Virgin Media themselves? 

Im angry, Im disappointed,

Sincerely, adoppelgro. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @adoppelgro,

Welcome to the Community Forums and thanks for the post.

Sorry to hear you have been having this issue with your contract, I would like to look into this further with you and see what we can do to resolve this, for me to do so I will be sending you a private message now.