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Hi I’m the past I had a contract with virgin media ,I closed and I thought all good ,but I ended up with a 23£ default on my credit file and I’m just really disappointed 😔 I just want to end this matter pay that money or anything what we can do.

help me pls with this


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Be clear what a default is - it is a record that you were late with making a due payment. If you make payment against a default, it will not clear from your credit file but be marked as settled - and rightly so. The story this tells lenders is that you're not a reliable payer, can be late and only pay-up when it affects you.

If you don't believe the default is correct, or that the debt it relates to is invalid, you need to dispute it - not pay it. Collate your documentary evidence that the debt is invalid, and send that to - they should investigate on a 21day basis and remove any entry that they agree is invalid.

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