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Contract shennanigans

Tuning in

The last time I changed my package I was promised things which were never delivered. I received no support from Virgin but because I want the broadband package I continued with things I didn't want. Now it's renewal time again I've asked to be broadband only but the sales team are insisting this would be breaking my bundle (huh?) and it would take 30 days to sort out requiring disconnection etc etc.

Surely this can't be correct? I don't need the phone line, I don't want to pay for freeview ever month, I just want a broadband only deal without being disconnected. 


Tuning in

After several calls I ended up with a £19 a month discount. Granted I still won't use the landline or paid for "freeview" but there we go. Why is it so difficult?

Hello Hayden72


Thanks for posting in regards to your package and cost, we appreciate you raising this via the forums.


It's great to hear you have been offered a deal you're happy with, although you may not use the landline it may have been required to get the discounts to get the price down to what you have been offered. The more services you have with us the bigger the discounts we have available.


If you need help in the future, we're always here 👍