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Contract from web order not honored

Joining in

Another failed contract, I clicked to sign up on the 11 December, got all of the supporting documents, including contract terms and a start date and then was pushed onto an out of contract rate - no warning and no explanation.  When enquiring what happened and quoting the contract number I was told it "just didn't go through!!" and then I was forced to take a more expensive package with less services otherwise I would be paying 50% more until it was resolved.


Something very fishy is going on here, Virgin Media are breaking consumer and contract law and I believe this is all by design to extort more money out of customers.  It is not only unfair practice, but also illegal, you cannot just break a contract and say oh well that deal is gone now, have this new one which is less for more money!



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi jdal2187,

Thank you for your post and welcome to the community, 

I'm very sorry to hear about what happened with your upgrade. 

Can you confirm when you original requested the upgrade?