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Contract Help.

Joining in

Hi everyone,

Looking for some help/advice. I'll try and keep this as short as possible.

We joined Virgin Media in November 2022. Originally taking out the Bigger Bundle + Sports along with the m500 fibre and weekend chatter.

Within a month or so I quickly realised we needed to upgrade to the anytime calls package. I contacted VM by phone and asked if we could change from the weekend calls to the anytime chatter. I made sure to ask if this would affect my contract or discount deals, I was told no.

At the time of signing up I hadn’t noticed that the Sky Sports channels were just the standard definition ones. To be honest it hadn’t even crossed my mind that they’d even bother offering SD Sports Channels anymore. I left this alone until June 2023 when I noticed an offer on the My Virgin Media app to upgrade to the Sky Sports HD pack. I caved and went for it. Due to my experience with upgrading the phone package I didn’t bother calling as it was just less hassle to do online. I got confirmation through e-mail along with what I thought was a contract update that simply showed that I’d changed the Sports channels to HD (More on this shortly) on my existing contract.

At the beginning of 2024 I started receiving calls to talk about getting a new deal. I ignored most of these and waited until this month to contact Virgin Media myself knowing that my contract was up in June.

I was somewhat surprised to find out that when discussing my current deal with the rep my contract would run until December 2024. Confused about this and after a lot of back and forth I was told it was because of a change made in June 2023. I realised they must be referring to the HD sports channels as I’d made no other changes.

I was really shocked and feel a bit cheated to be honest that simply changing the existing Sky Sports Channels to the HD pack had triggered an entirely new 18-month contract. Technically I’m sure they’ll say it was in the contract they sent me which is true, but it seems a very underhand tactic especially when this wasn’t the case for the change to the phone package.

If I’d called and they’d gone through the whole upgrade and then right at the end tagged on “Oh and by the way, making this change it will trigger a brand new 18-month contract” I definitely wouldn’t have bothered with it.

The end result is that I’ve been offered a downgrade which will cost quite a bit more money than we’re currently paying for poorer services while also triggering another 18-month contract. Or stick with the current package and when the discounts run out in June start paying a huge amount more.

I feel so disappointed by all of this.

Any help or suggestions would be welcome.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Matt_22 

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community. Sorry to hear of this contract dispute.

I'll send you a PM now to help further and bring this to resolution.

Forum Team

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