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Contact the Web Team/Retentions Team

Joining in

Hello, I have been trying to speak to a person on the phone from the web team about an offer that was emailed to me, I called 150 and after 30 minutes was told the offer from the web team is not available via the phone, I was advised to start a web chat which I did, I spent an hour chatting to someone who asked questions that bore no resemblance to my query, eventually he offered me a deal that was more expensive than the offer that was emailed to me. I would like to speak to a human being on the phone about the web offer I received, I have given notice to end my contract and have an offer from SKY that is similar to the web offer. Could someone advise me on how to actually chat about the web offer.


Joining in

No need for anyone to answer, a helpful person called Jack from your team called and resolved my queries, it would have been great to speak to him in the first instance !

Hi Colonel 👋🏼.

Thank you for posting, welcoming you back onto our community forum ☺.

Glad to see you was able to get an answer, If you need further assistance in the future, then please don't hesitate to reach out to us on here or give us a call on 👉🏼 0345 454 1111.

Ari - Forum Team

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