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Complaints resolution

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I have raised two complaints. The first one I'd class as rather minor, I was just seeking to actually why my equipment believes was moved 3 times. The phone call I received to resolve this complaint, was appalling. He was very aggressive, argumentative, told me he was going to remove my reoccurring discount/credit and if I wasn't happy to leave. I felt kind of backed into corner so I decided to give my 30 days notice of cancellation. This morning I rang again to see if there could be some form of resolution, to the only solution I was given was a higher monthly price, they said they would give feedback to the call handler and it's as much as was going to happen. Has anyone got any advice if they have been through something similar or where to go next? Any suggestions would be much appreciated



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello Juzza1989


We're sorry to hear of your experience in regards to your complaints, we appreciate the frustration this can cause and you raising this via the forums. Welcome to the community.


From checking, we can see your complaint was escalated to a manager who advised that feedback will be given to the agent you spoke to, as this is standard procedure there is nothing further we can do in regards to this as it will be dealt with internally.


They also offered you the best packages available which weren't suitable to you and which were declined, as there was nothing further we could offer the complaint was deadlocked. On the back of this you will receive a letter outlining your options going forward in regards to independent adjudication.