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Changing name of account


I was having problems with VM yesterday when I telephoned regarding a fault.  The account is in my husband's name but we added a password so I could discuss anything or report faults etc because he had a stroke and finds using a phone difficult.  This always worked well in the past but yesterday the people I talked to (or tried to talk to) insisted that they must speak to my husband despite my explaining the problem. I got passed around to about 5 people - in the end I managed to get my husband to give some letters from the password and then they agreed to speak to me.  One guy even said I should phone back later when my husband "was better"!

The last man was a bit more helpful and suggested I should have my name added to the account but could not say how I can do this.  Payment will remain via DD from my husband's bank account so we don't want that changed - just the my name added so I can speak to people should future problems arise.

Any suggestions how I can do this? From what I have said you can see that suggesting we telephone anyone really is a difficult option!



Thanks for all your help