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Change of account holder & new contract

Joining in

Good morning 

I am going around in circles and would really appreciate some help! 

My father who was the account holder, has passed away, my mother remains in the property using the service. 

I have spoken to the bereavement team who have said I can change the details on the account to make my mother the account holder however I won't be able to make any other changes for 30 days after this. Alternatively I can cancel the account however they could not guarantee that a new service could be set up by themselves in the cancellation period, which is a max. Of 10 days notice. 

The reason I need to make other changes as well as changing the account holder, is because the fixed contract term has come to an end and now my mother is paying double what she was, for exactly the same service. 

I am managing this on my mother's behalf as she isn't tech savy - what I don't want is for her to be left without any service. 

Ideally what I would like is to arrange a new deal For her, in her own name and cancel the contract in my father's name- smoothly so that she is not left without any broadband or phone service. 


Is this possible?! I'm lost and struggling to figure out what the best thing to do is 

Any support greatly appreciated 

Kind regards


Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for reaching out to us @jgaskew12, and a very warm welcome to our Community Forums!

We're so terribly sorry to hear of your Father's passing and our sincere condolences for your loss.

When cancelling a service with Virgin Media, and then signing up for a new services, we cannot guarantee that there won't be a period of time without a new service being installed.

You're best bet is to call our Sales team on 0800 183 1234 and advise them of this situation to then see how quickly a new service can be set up for you.

The alternative for this would be to accept the name change and first bill issued and then report back to us to agree a new deal, but if you're not able to agree a new deal, and then wish to cancel the services, a 30 day notice period would be expected to be served.

Do feel free to come back to us if you have any further questions or concerns.