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Change of account details

Tuning in

I'm trying to resolve an account problem for my Mum. My Dad passed away last year. We changed the details on My Virgin so that the direct debit now came from my Mum’s account and changed other profile details too.

When she logs into My Virgin she is welcomed with her name. Yet she is still receiving emails (to her email address) with Hi and my Dad's name. This is a little upsetting for her.

I've tried to resolve this on the phone but didn't get anywhere. Would a customer services agent be able to look at my Mum's account and amend any internal references to my Dad's name please? I'm happy to provide whatever details are required to confirm account ownership by way of private messages. 

Many thanks in advance for any assistance with this.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Chris,

I'm really sorry to hear of the loss of your Dad.

Are you just looking to change the name of the account holder or are you also looking to change parts of the package such as an upgrade or downgrade to the existing services?

If it just a name change, we can help to start the process via private message but if you want to make more changes, you would need to get in touch with our bereavement team directly. You can speak to them Monday to Friday between 8am and 4.30pm on this number 08009522302. 

Kind Regards,


Hi Steven. Thanks for getting back to me. We are happy to retain the service as it is and the direct debit is correctly setup on Mum's bank. We would just like the name changed please so that she no longer receives emails from Virgin to her address but with Dad's name on, and so that she is able to call Virgin in the future as the account holder. 

Many thanks in advance. 



Hi Chris

Thank you for getting back to us. No problem, the Bereavement Team should be able to complete the name change for you no issues at all.

If you need any further help or anything else, please don't hesitate to get back in touch from here.

Kindest regards,


Hi Beth. Steven said above, if just a name change, we could do that on here via private message? Is that still possible?

It would be better to speak directly with the bereavement team regarding this as they would be able to address everything you need at once.