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Cancel and my partner join as new customer

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my contract is coming to an end and since virgin have zero interest in giving me better deal after 20 years plus with them .

I am rarely at home anyway with work but if my partner wants virgin services and pays for it herself, can she get the new customer deals


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Common theme here is that whenever someone at VM “double checks” this, they come up with something new. 

Let me tell you what is actually the case.

Person 1 can give notice to cancel and immediately place a new order in the name of person 2 at the same address. How do I know this? 

I did it, and have done it repeatedly for a number of years now. Disconnection date was October 15th for the old account, install date for the new services was October 16th. 

The VM retentions drones tell you that you can’t do this - and in some cases accuse you of committing fraud, breaking the law, and playing the system but it’s just their way of being able to keep you tied in to a deal they generate - to get their commission. 

The thing about 90 days, absolute garbage, and tends to vary based on who you’re speaking with at VM; I’ve been told 30 days, 3 months and up to 6 months. The fact of it is that once one contract with VM and person 1 ends, person 2 is a new customer - at that point neither are currently bound by any terms and conditions - and an address can’t be a party to entering into a contract. 

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Forum Team

Hi silentg1971,


Thank you for your post. I'm sorry to hear that you aren't happy with the offers available for a renewal. We will always provide the best existing customer offer we can to our existing customers. 


Concerning the question you have asked. Yes she get a new customer deal but the existing account would to have a 30 days cancellation completed and then there would need to be no Virgin Media services at the property for 90 days to be able to get the new deal. 



Super solver

Hello silentg1971.  I am writing this for you and any future visitor to this forum with a similar question.

I'm not sure if you have VM broadband service.  If you cancel, be aware that any email addresses and mailboxes linked to your broadband service would be scheduled for deletion 90 days after service ceases, according to VM's own Terms and Conditions.

But the process fails all too often and leaves the former customer vulnerable to hacking and theft of personal and financial details years or decades later.  Therefore, once you have settled with a new email address*, I recommend that you delete everything from all the folders to reduce the information available to hackers.  You can use an email client for this (Try Thunderbird - using IMAP process which synchronises with the mailbox stored on the VM server).

You can verify the email address is deleted by checking the email address(es) through

If still valid, you can come back to this forum and request that VM staff raise a ticket to get the mailbox deleted manually. The friendly Forum Team will visit the thread and then take your personal details by private message.

Best wishes to you.

* Forum users regularly recommend NOT relying on email addresses provided by any ISP.  You are best to choose one that is portable, provides support, top-class security and decent spam filtering.

SO the time frame is 30 days plus 90 days right? Or did you mean 90 days total?

Hi silentg1971

This may have been lost in translation on our Forums 

An account holder would need to give 30 days notice, Then wait 90 days to take up as new deal in the same name

A new account can be set up at the same property once the current service is disconnected. 

Hope that helps 



There are some deals for us long term customers, but expect it would also depend on what you have in your package.

My 5 recent calls to Retentions all were answered by offshore, which unless I was prepared to take on extra services - they could/would not offer anything worth considering on the over standard price I was paying.

A acceptable deal I was happy with for the next 12 months, which came from UK retentions was not on the cards until after I had handed in my 30days notice.

BB 200 - Hub 3, Phone Talk w/ends, Mobile Sim only. Customer since 1993.

Only just joined so only just read this. This whole issue is very vague with contrasting answers everywhere.

I have been with Virgin for many years (Birmingham Telewest!) & decided to try & get a new deal as I haven't had one for ages & realize I am paying way too much. The account is in my name alone. However, my wife is an NHS nurse & tells me there are cheap deals on her Blue Light & NHS Discount sites.

So I rang to get a new deal. I am currently on Full House TV (I need BT Sports) + 200mb broadband + telephone (free weekends). I currently pay £85.50 for this & the chap said he could do £78 on new 18month contract.......whoopee doo! I told him my wife is a nurse so could I cancel the contract & rejoin in her name? He said yes but I would have to give 30 days notice of cancellation then sign up my wife for a new deal via Blue Light/NHS site, brilliant!

He put me through to cancellations & the lady told me that I couldn't do this as the credit check would detect the address & not allow my wife to join for 90 days. She offered me the same deal for £66 so I reluctantly agreed as I can't be without for 90 days.

Note: the account is in my name but paid from a joint bank account.

So, my this information I have been given correct? I've read various threads that would seem to imply this is both correct & incorrect.

Any help? Cheers 

Hi levingsworth,


Thank you for reaching out to us in our community, to take the account in another name as a brand new customer you would first need to give a 30 days notice then not be a customer for a further 30 days then would be able to take a new customer deal.


Kind regards



Thanks for the reply, but this contrasts with every other explanation I've read.

Your sales team told me that I could give 30 days notice & rejoin via Blue Light/NHS site in my wife's name as account holder.

However, your retentions team categorically told me that the credit check would detect same address & not allow my wife to join for a further 90 days. This seems to be the majority opinion when I Google it. But you are telling me 30 days which is a completely different answer?

Had the retentions team told me 30 days then I would have cancelled & done without for 30 days, then signed my wife up with a cheaper deal as NHS worker.

So, can you please confirm 100% which is actually correct? If you are correct then I have been mis-sold.


Lee Devey 07871-835723



Hi levingsworth,


Thank you for coming back to me, I apologise for the mixed messages, after asking further I can confirm it would need to be 90 days after your disconnection before a new deal can be taken.