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Can’t register new account for My Virgin Media

Tuning in

Good Afternoon, I recently signed up to Virgin Media last month (now that it’s available in my area) and am awaiting installation next week.

I have tried registering my account for My Virgin Media however am hit with a message when trying to create an account;

”We’re sorry to see you go, now you’ve left us, we’ve  closed your account and you can no longer register for My Virgin Media”

Now researching this issue it appears it’s because I used to have Virgin at a previous address before moving to an area that initially didn’t support it. I had used the same email address and believe this to be a legacy issue relating to that old account.

I have tried mentioned this to support on the phone previously but they said they couldn’t help.

Please can someone get in touch with me on here so we can resolve this issue ahead of my installation on Friday.




Thanks Ashleigh,

As I’m still in my 14 day grace period (UK law determines this is from the date of connection) I will be looking at terminating my contract if this isn’t resolved soon. I really don’t see why this is an issue to begin with, as by the looks of things it’s been a problem for years and if it is indeed so problematic to fix it so returning customers can re-use their personal email addresses without issue then it can also be resolved by blocking said customers from using a previously used email to begin with.

I know none of this is the fault of the forum team who are trying their best to get this resolved, but we’ve had numerous issues since the day after I initially signed up. We’ve had:

Delays to installation days.

Engineers turning up without notice on unscheduled days.

Engineers leaving the front garden in a mess.

Terrible customer service call audio quality.

Still unable to create an online account so I can actually finish setting up our service properly a week after connection day. 

The only good experiences we’ve had with Virgin so far has been:

The guy who arrived on connection day to run the line through the interior of the house did a good job and was professional throughout. 

The forum team on here have been quick to respond.

That’s it really, so I’m glad I didn’t cancel the sky contract just yet as it looks like I may still be needing it for the foreseeable.

Please can we just get this resolved ASAP or even just let me change the email address to a new one if it’s such an issue.


Hi Slytipple1, thank you for returning to this thread with an update. 

Sincerest apologies for your experience so far - I can appreciate your frustration given the circumstances!

There are several different aspects to the issues you have been experiencing which we will need to tackle individually:

1) Your ongoing My Virgin Media registration issue. 

As you were previously registered with a former account this should be resolved by transferring the My Virgin Media registration over to your new account. We can do this internally for you, or if not possible via our systems for any reason, raise a ticket with IT to get this processed for you. I can only apologise that this is taking such a long time to get resolved! There have been some issues with the My Virgin Media part of our site over the last couple of days, I hope this is the primary factor causing the delay. 

2) Your experience with us so far in getting your services installed, set up and activated, and experiences customer services trying to get any issues you have had resolved. 


What I can suggest to do to move forward with this is send you another PM to confirm some details, and get a complaint raised for you. This way we have a record of your feedback and experience, and we can advise that you will be looking to leave your contract without penalty as your complaint resolution. 

I can also then chase this my Virgin Media registration / IT ticket, and escalate this internally. 

You will find the PM in the top right corner of the page in your Inbox. 

All the best! 




Hi I am also having a problem setting up my account as each time I enter a different password it says I cannot use that password. Can you please help with this?


I have the issue and I need help.

I phone the support and they told me to try registering with another email.

I tried but then when I reach the password page it keeps telling me that "I can't use this password" I tried 12 different passwords of various security level and nothing works !

Can you reset my account with the email address I use din the past? Preferably I don't want to use a new email address.



Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi ClemD, 


Welcome to the Community and thanks for posting.

I am very sorry to hear you are experiencing an issue with registering. I would be happy to help. 

To assist further, I am going to pop you over a private message to confirm a few details. This will be available via the purple envelope on the top right of this page.

Speak soon, 



I keep getting mails for this thread hoping that finally this issue has been resolved but instead it’s because the thread is now being used for other issues instead.

it’s been three weeks since my first post and I can’t believe I’m still having this problem. I want my setup fee waived from my first bill considering this actually hasn’t been setup properly on Virgin’s end and they don’t seem bothered by that either. I will also be terminating the contract out right if this isn’t resolved by next week because I am completely done with it.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi Slytipple1

Thank you for getting back in touch with us here on the Community.

I have had a look at the ticket raised with our IT team and can confirm it is still open and being worked on. We apologise for any delays and inconvenience caused. 

As this matter is ongoing we would not be able to offer to waive the fee or offer compensation at this time. 

Information regarding our complaint process can be found here

Thank you 



I also have this issue having been a previous virgin media customer and cannot access my new account. 

Can you please help resolve this? 

Hi Citygal94

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community.

This would be a move and transfer needed if you've used the same logins before. 

I'll send you a PM to get the details


Forum Team

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Just updating that my account settings were updated which is good as it means I can use this connection for my work VPN now. I still can’t register an account though but at least the connection is usable.