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Can't access VM account - No user data is found with the given email

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My VM email has been hacked. I contacted VM 6 days ago, but my email password couldn't be reset, even with the help of VM Support.

VM Support arranged for my Memorable Word to be sent to me in the post. this was going to allow me to access my account so I could reset my password. The memorable Word has arrived in the post and I'm now trying to reset my account/email password(s).

  • I load My Virgin Media login page and enter my email address and my old password. System responds that email/password is incorrect.
  • I click on link to reset my password, enter my email address and system responds 'No user data is found with the given email'.
  • I've even tried to register as new user with my original email address and system responds that email address already exists!

Been trying to call VM support for over 90mins so far this afternoon. Still waiting for someone to answer the call.

Please help.


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VM account has been active for 10+ years, and is still active. email address was set up about that time. No break in service, not moved.

BTW, I'm account holders son in law. They are 89 years old and not IT savvy.

Yes, when we spoke to VM support earlier this week, we went through security and verified we were existing broadband and TV customer.

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Got through to VM Tech Support. eMail and account reset. All working OK now.

Thank Number-6 for your help.

I’m exactly the same issue as the user James! How can I get this sorted? 

Contact VM via their support phone number. When they eventually answer, ask to speak to a tech expert and explain what has happened. They should be able to help you.

Good luck


Unfortunately a sub account email address linked to the main account was blocked by VM.

Having logged onto the sub account ( we were forced to change the email address held with the VM sub account to an external email address (@hotmail, @gmail, @whatever, etc.). Worst still we were told that all the saved emails on the VM sub account email were no longer accessible and are therefore lost.