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Cables to house

Tuning in


cables were run to my house about 4-6 weeks ago, how long after does the website update to allow me to join.



When new fibre was laid to the boundary of the house, online orders opened after one month and then it was a further month for the service to be live.  But times do differ depending on how much of the local network it live.

Cables were laid on 12th April


Try asking them on the phone and see if they know or check online but could be other factors as we have it but some house on our road can not get it even a house next door to one that can !!!!!!

Hi Dcutts666

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Thank you for your query, I'll be happy to check this for you.

Client62 is correct - it can take some time for the network to be activated once it's been installed, but if you have registered your interest in our services, you would be receive a notification once our services are available to order in that area 😊


Private message sent

You would need to call our sales team on 0800 183 1234 for updates on this, we don't accept Private Messages unless a member of the forum team has previously sent one.