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Broadband Contract Renewal - At wits end...Can someone from Customer Services Please Help!!

Joining in

Hi, this may be a bit of a long-winded message but am desperate for someone to be able to speak some sense to me...

I am posting this here as over a month of phone calls have not resolved my issue. My contract was due to expire in May 2024 and I accepted an online offer for £28 for which I received an email confirmation on 9th May stating this would activate on 12th May (later finding out this was not applied on Virgin's end). Next I receive a bill on 6th June stating total due on 24th June would be £101.45, made up of £62 default contract and package charges of £39.45, which no one could explain why these were applied, or indeed what this referred to. More phone calls later I was receive an updated contract stating £42 per month but was told credits would be applied to bring this back to the original offer.

The June amount taken by Virgin was then £30.98 by direct debit, not the £20.67 stated in an email on 14th June 2024. I have now received a July bill stating £98.64 will be taken, including £77.97 from previous month (incorrect amount) and even worse a late payment charge of £7, amazing when you control the direct debit. Another call this morning resulted in me being told the customer services person can't access all messages etc. as they are working from home. So can someone with the ability to sort this out please contact me.

Thank you.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi random58,

Thanks for posting and welcome to our community 😊

Sorry for any confusion regarding the billing, so I can get a few more details from you I've popped you over a private message.


Tuning in

Good Luck with getting anywhere with VM random.

I'm still waiting on an issue that arose several years ago, VM have now sent debt collectors on to me although they still haven't resolved the issue and I don't have a contract with them. The use of AI and Bots should be classed under employers as employees as they are doing what an employee would be doing BUT then the human employee cant access messages and decisions by the computer generated employee. 

Employee negligence?