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Borderline harassment after cancelling

Joining in

I cancelled my virgin media broadband due to the price going from £36 p/m to £62 (£67 after April). I had a welcome discount for 18 months but now that my contract is up and I'll be paying stupid prices and they'd rather lose a customer than continue to keep me on the same tariff. I was offered a couple of ridiculous prices for new contracts and I declined. Since cancelling last week, I've received over 20 calls from virgin media which I have missed due to working but this is an absolute joke. I've already been on the live chat twice to find out why they are calling and was told my number would be taken off. I'm already unsubscribed to marketing through my account and I've heard the offers made so why am I still being harassed? I've had nothing but issues since moving house and the customer service is appalling. Has anyone else had this? Don't know why they'd push existing customers out with prices then continue to call 


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Forum Team

Hi @Nikki102 👋.

Thanks for reaching out to us. Apologies for the issues that you have had with us reaching out to you via phone. So that we can ensure this does not happen again going forward, we would need to bring you in for a private message. Please look out for the envelope on the top right of your web browser or if you are using a mobile device, it will be located under your profile icon.



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That's how it is with Virgin mate. The out of contract price rises are absolutely maddening and it's insane they don't even consider a smaller increase for 12 more months of guaranteed business. 

Its crazy. I'm more annoyed at the constant phonecalls from retentions when they apparently can't offer me the same as what I've been paying, if anything they've tried to offer me faster speed, an O2 SIM that I don't need and still more money than I was paying. There's new customer deals for the package I had at a lower cost so why they can't just offer that is stupid. 

That's their way now. Adding stuff, means higher price increase amount for them per year per customer upsold, and this is why they do it. The representatives are trying to make you THINK you need that higher speed boost when for most (not all) people who just browse the net and stream catchup TV they don't. For example, I only had my package because it was the only way to get the higher upload - the download was already way enough. The adding of extra services looks good on paper for management as they can band around the number of triple or quad services customers take. In short, it makes the company look good.

My out of contract price for 500mbps Broadband ONLY is £75.07 but out of contract price for new customers (i.e. not the discounted deal) is less. You go figure, they should at least be the same value for out of contract.

How many customers are being milked where their out of contract price is piled upon each year and the customer hasn't got the confidence to deal with offshore or in an area where only VM operate for fast broadband and they are effectively stuck.