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Billing issue and adaptor not arrived

Tuning in

So I joined Virgin back in December and last month decided I wanted to upgrade my package to include TV, as I wanted the UHD sports channels.  The process seemed to go smoothly enough, until I received my bill which made absolutely no sense and didn't align with what was on my new contract.  So I raised a complaint and Virgin responded with what effectively was a load of copied and pasted info which basically said everything is fine with the bill.

Still unhappy, I rang to cancel my services and spoke to the retentions team who looked at the bill and agreed, something clearly wasn't right.  The discounts that were meant to be being applied were not and so the bill had been generated based upon a subscription amount I wasn't meant to be paying until 2025.  He advised he would send a message to the back office team to correct the issue.

A couple of days later, I received a WhatsApp message regarding my original complaint - so I explained the situation again and advised what I thought the bill should have been, they agreed.  They said the easiest way to fix the problem was to start a brand new contract, which this time included phone, but would be charged at the original agreed contract price.  So I said go ahead and they went about correcting things and applying credits to correct things for me, including some as a gesture of goodwill.  They advised that whilst my bill would be for £76.87, a rolling credit would be applied in the background to ensure only £60.75 would be taken via the Direct Debit.  What worries me is that this rolling credit is mentioned anywhere and so far, they've made such a mess of things I have lost faith - especially given the 'best' solution to the original issue was to start a whole new contract.

Then, if that wasn't enough, my new phone line included an adapter which had to be sent out.  I received confirmation this would be delivered on Saturday 16th.  I received a text message the day before confirming that my delivery would be arriving tomorrow.  Well, Saturday came and no delivery.  I contacted Virgin around 5 to ask for the tracking number, they said they couldn't give it me but it would 'definitly' arrive by the end of the day.  They said I would receive the tracking number by text in an hour.  Well, it never came.  So I contacted them again over WhatsApp, this was at 19:45.  They said once again, it will be with me by the end of the day.  Now I don't know where their customer service is based, but they didn't seem to comprehend that in the UK it WAS the end of the day.  Suffice to say, no delivery ever arrived.

So, Monday came around and I contacted them again and this time they said deliveries didn't take place over the weekend...I mean it beggars belief, it really does.

I need someone from Virgin to help me and just go through my account to make sure everything is correct because I'm really doubtful over what has been done and where I stand.  I don't even know what will be taken by Direct Debit this month, as my bill online still says £174.92, yet I received another email saying that my account was actually in credit.  The adapter hasn't arrived and despite my new contract including phone starting on 16th, my account still shows I don't have phone including in my package - so am I now paying for something I can't use yet?



[MOD EDIT: Subject title changed for clarity]


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi jtalep,

Thanks for posting, and we're sorry for any confusion regarding the package.

So I can get a few more details from you, I've popped you over a private message.


Thanks Alex - I have just seen your message and responded.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for joining me over private message jtalep,

Glad I was able to help 😊


Hi Alex, I've now received my new bill but need help with one of the items on it - have dropped you a message, would appreciate you taking a look.