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Adult content. No warning of purchase

Dialled in

I've found the below charges on my monthly bill, which look like for the Adult channels. The date coincide with when my son and his friends over.

I've had to raised it with him (obviously he was mortified) , but he was saying that he didn't realise he was purchasing a pass / paying for content and had just thought it took you to the preview page before purchasing. There was no message saying you will be charged for this if you continue or that you have been charged for this

Additional Feature (18)09 June£6.99
Additional Feature (18)09 June£7.49
Additional Feature (18)09 June£6.99
Additional Feature (18)05 July£6.99
Additional Feature (18)05 July£6.99
Additional Feature (18)05 July£6.99

I've not tried repeating this to check (in case I'm charged again). But does anyone know if this is the case

How can I block it from happening again? Is there a way to do it without just changing the pin?

PS My Son is 18 BTW



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello urbanbumpkin.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

When any content is chargable the price will always be displayed before entering the pin and making the purchase. 

Regarding the question, can this be disabled to stop it happening again in the future. There is an option we can do from here and remove all interactive content, however this would disable all catch up and on demand content.

You can however change the pin block and hide any channels which is explained on this link here 

Hopefully your son has learnt the error of his ways now and won't do this again.

If we can help in any way please ;est us know.