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unable to contact virgin media


i am trying to call virgin media to call out an engineer to sort out my landline but when i call the number it does not recognise the " 1 " prompt on my mobile keypad only " 2 " so out of desperation i pressed 2 instead of " 1 " held on & then was cut off. wth ?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi muffmasterh,

Thanks for posting, and sorry to hear you've had some issues with the line.

Can you give us more detail around what the issue is?

No dial tone? Unable to make or receive calls?

Is your phone handset plugged into a wall socket or the back of your hub?



basically it has never worked since it was cut off & moved to the hub, so i need to call out an engineer but having great trouble doing so - especially without a landline

Thanks for confirming,

Is your handset plugged into the hub via the adapter?

Have you rebooted the hub recently?


thanks Alex, i have finally been able to get through to somebody & an appointment has been arranged for tomorrow, cheers Henry

Good to hear Henry,

Thanks for letting us know 😊