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Unable to make outgoing calls, and can't recieve incoming calls

Just joined


Ever since this morning (That I know of, could have been yesterday), I haven't been able to make any outgoing calls with my landline, I just get a long beep, and then whenever I try to call my landline number, it just cuts off and doesn't even ring.

Virgin media Status page says there is no issues, but there obviously is an issue. All cables are connected properly, I have restarted the hub, I have also restarted all the phones.
Everything else from our package works, the Fibre broadband, and TV. Just having an issue with the landline.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi PMCReece


We're sorry to hear of the landline issues experienced, we appreciate you letting us know via the forums and welcome to the community.


Can you confirm if the landline operates via the Hub itself or is it connected to the wall sockets? If you have more than one handset installed, is the issue impacting all phones or just one in particular?



It's affecting all handsets, and is connected to the Hub.

Looking through the forums a bit more, I have found that there is issues in my area, and surrounding ones. 

Thanks for the update PCMReece, is the issue reported here?