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Phone Charges

Joining in

Just been charged £16.00 for calling Virginmedia on there 0345 number. Did this because of wait time on 150. Was trying to sort out a problem with being put on a bad debt list on credit reference agency’s buy O2 because of a cancellation of a volt bundle which O2 did not cancel. This has went on for over 9 months and to add insult to injury I am being charged fort the calls to sort out a virginmedia O2 issue. Have asked for this to be removed and if anything I should be compensated for the days and time I spent on this, not charged £16.00 for 2 calls.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello Duffyg


Sorry to hear of the problem regarding charges for calling the team, we understand your frustration in relation to this.


Firstly, calling either 150 or 0345 get's you to the same team resulting in the same queue/wait times. We do have these contact methods available if needed. What have the team advised in regards to these charges? 


In regards to the adverse information recorded, you would need to contact O2 directly using any of the methods here as we don't have access to their systems to support in this matter.