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Landline port request not cancelled by Virgin after deciding to stay with Sky!

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My mother recently planned to switch from Sky to Virgin to save on costs. However, after encountering a few red flags with Virgin, including them not sending the request to Sky to port the landline across (which I had to call them three times about until they finally processed it) and not having the correct infrastructure in place at home for a simple quickstart installation. I decided to negotiate with Sky and managed to get a better deal, though still not as cheap as Virgin's initial offer.

Now, the issue is that Virgin has not yet cancelled the line port request to transfer the number from Sky. This means Sky is unable to make any changes to her services until this happens. It should take 24-48 hours to cancel the request after we contacted them, but this timeframe has already passed. 

I've spent nearly 3 hours navigating their terrible automated phone options, various departments, and online chats. Some agents seemed oblivious to what I was actually saying about the line port request, like they've never heard such a phrase. Finally, I was transferred to a "line porting specialist team" apparently, but once I selected the option I needed, a message indicated the number had changed, looping me back to the original menu.

If anyone at Virgin has any advice on how to handle this, please, for the sake of my sanity, contact me! I'd like to wipe this past week of frustration from my existence and move on.

Thank you, 


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Forum Team

Hi @ClownShow 

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Sorry to hear of the issues your mother has experienced with their install and landline number port to us. 

Anything to do with number changes and landline number ports can only be actioned by the account holder, so we aren't able to make any requests made by yourself at our side unless you hold power of attorney. If there is anything that needs to be requested to port the number back to Sky, this will need to be actioned by Sky themselves and once this is received the number should be ported back to Sky as requested. 
We aren't able to move the number to Sky at our side, this request must come from Sky themselves and once received the port can be processed. 

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent

The number never left Sky as she decided to stay with them, so the request to port the number remains outstanding on your side (as mentioned previously). We've already cancelled broadband, phone line, and TV with Virgin (confirmed via email).

The issue is that Sky's system shows the port request for the home phone line as active with Virgin. This prevents Sky from making any amendments until Virgin cancels it. Although we cancelled Virgin's services entirely (broadband, TV, and landline) before activation, the port request remains unprocessed.

Any assistance in cancelling the port request would be greatly appreciated.


We'd need the account holder to contact us directly regarding this then @ClownShow and we can look into this.


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While I do have power of attorney, she'd be happy to contact you directly if we could reach a department that can actually assist with this.

If you know of a specific department or team that handles port requests, then please provide the contact information.


Happy to look into this for you @ClownShow, but I would advise that @Number-6 makes a very valid point.

If the pending install/activation of Virgin Media's service has been cancelled, then the number port would not be present as both landline services would need to be active for a port to go through and this is likely a work order on Sky's side that needs to be attended to.

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