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Landline not ringing and going straight to voicemail

On our wavelength

Since yesterday my landline is not ringing when incoming calls are received, they go straight to virgin voicemail. Everything was working fine until yesterday. Any ideas?

I can make calls out as normal.


No all incoming calls go to the vm voicemail default message . It does not ring . I am using a hub 5. I haven't even used the vm voicemail as I have a voicemail setup on my phone system but it would appear vm voicemail is overriding that 

Yes I'm using a hub 5. No, calls don't come through. They go straight to Virgin Media voicemail.

Thanks for coming back to me, this is likely connected to the fault that Hub 5 users are experiencing.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and our team will do all they can to have this issue resolved as soon as possible.



Thanks David,

I've just tried again this morning and the issue seems to have resolved itself.

Not sure if your engineers were on the case, or if it was a temporary glitch, but all sorted for now. 

Thank you for your help with this.