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BT Handset call blocking no longer working

Joining in

Since the switch over to digital my BT 8610 call blocking features no longer work for withheld numbers. All other numbers announce as expected.

I've tried the first call setting on the call settings and a factory reset however this had made no difference. I'm suspecting it's something to do with how the line sends withheld held numbers through in capitals (WITHHELD) rather than the previous method of "Withheld".

Has anyone managed to get this resolved?   


Forum Team
Forum Team

Good Afternoon @am549, thanks for your post and I'm sorry to hear of the issue that you've encountered with this service, since the switching of the phone line to our 21CV services.

Can you please confirm if this has been raised with BT at all, and if so, what has been advised? 



I have not raised it with BT as it's not their issue.

Since you changed over to the 21CV service the call blocking function on my landline no longer blocks withheld calls (model number as above).

Thanks for coming back to me @am549

As this is a piece of equipment and functions provided by a third party, we would advise speaking to BT to see if they have any known work arounds for this matter.




That's not how this works.

You changed my services (forcibly) and now they no longer work as expected. I expect you as my landline supplier  to investigate this (as you have done with other users who have posted the same thing) and find a resolution.

Sadly I'd have to reiterate what I've previously advised @am549 

The call blocking feature is not provided by Virgin Media and therefore we would have no jurisdiction over the functionality of this feature.

If however you have seen posts that mirror this issue, and have been picked up by a member of our Forum Team, please advise me of these links, and I'd be happy to check in with my colleague and see if there's anything that can be done on our end.



I have spoken to BT who are the handset manufacturer. They state that the the ability of the call blocking features of their handsets depend on how CallerID is presented by the landline provider and to speak to yourselves as there is clearly an error on how withheld numbers are being presented which is causing the problem.

These posts are similar:

I'll take a look into this for you @am549, but judging by the links you've sent, there doesn't appear to be much interaction from our Team, or indeed confirmation that we have been able to remedy this for a customer.

Check out the envelope in the top right hand corner for a private message from me.



Joining in

To resurface an old topic, apart from the Truecall service (which has an associated cost) can anyone advise:

  • Why my BT8610 call blocking features no longer screen withheld numbers (they simply bypass the announce function)
  • What a suitable replacement handset would be to screen withheld numbers

I can't seem to be able to get anyone from VM to speak to me regarding this in an appropriate manner so am hopeful the community can provide some answers here.

Alessandro Volta

This issue has been mentioned quite a few times before on here (no filtering for withheld numbers on BT phones with trueCall features post-switchover)

You are unlikely to get any help from either VM or BT since neither has any vested interest in investigating or fixing the problem.

The trueCall technology in the BT phones is licensed by trueCall but it is hard-coded into the phone with no means to update it and make changes AFAIK.

The separate trueCall device

does have the means to be updated where trueCall support have been able to 'dial in' remotely (via the phone line) to the trueCall unit and tweak its settings to match the VM line conditions and caller ID type. There have been several past topics about this on here.

The trueCall unit itself is fairly expensive at £109.99 but second hand units crop up on eBay at much cheaper prices. There is an optional £20 subscription (free for the first year with a new unit if I recall correctly) which allows you access to a web portal to configure and monitor the unit. You may possibly need to use the subscription to get support on a second-hand unit so check all the details above with trueCall before purchasing anything.


One past suggestion for the BT phones is mentioned here

I believe others have tried the above but without success.

Someone has also claimed success with a complete reset of the cordless phones and base station, inc batteries out etc. (with the obvious likelihood of losing all your phone contacts if you can't back them up)

Use any of the latter suggestions at your own risk, and with caution, to avoid losing any contact data and personalised settings in the phones.