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New VM02 Nextfibre 2gb/2gb

Tuning in

I am posting this to hopefully help out people that have connected to the new vm02 2gb/2gb services.  Since install been having multiple problems with packet loss, gaming high latency and random disconnects here is example....Screenshot 2024-06-22 141301.png

After negotiating the minefield of customer services where 99% don't even know that 2gb is live let alone what a Hub 5x is eventually persuaded via online account that there was a issue that required a engineer visit.  Well engineer visited and although had been trying to explain all along that i thought the issue was "dirty fibre" as the new install was never scoped and checked he knew immediately that this was a known issue proceeded to clean the fibre and as a matter of course even gave us a new router.  So the morale based on what been also told by engineer is as follows.

If signing up for a new vm02 nextfibre connection and do not have existing connection (likely) once they have installed the line what should happen is a engineer should visit  to scope and clean the fibre connections ready for the main install if not it should be scoped and cleaned during main installation when it has been fed into property to the 5x router. 

So if you have been having massive random latency  in gaming or erratic download/upload speeds and random disconnects would appear it is solely down to "dirty fibre" tell them this if experiencing same issues as our connection has been rock solid ever since.  Good luck!


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Insecurity, 

Thanks for posting this on our Community Forums and a warm welcome from us! 

We are sorry to hear you're having some connection issues with services, as you're on a specific package you're within a ring fences Team who are the only ones that can help. 

If the issues you've described are still ongoing then please give them a call and they will be happy to help further. 

Unfortunately we're not able to help further on the Forums 😥



Erm, no idea what the "ring fences team" is let alone how to contact them - as it goes the problem after 2 weeks of stability is back with a vengeance and getting no where with customer services team - please advise as getting to wits end with the service at the moment as it goes the router has dropped solid white light to flashing red again as i am typing this luckily have backup internet. And it is doing this every 10-15mins....For £90 per month this is quite annoying!  

Alessandro Volta

show your live BQM


For some reason wont let me post link to live bqm but here is a snapshot from last 24hrs.Screenshot 2024-07-05 134240.png

Alessandro Volta

are you clicking on   Share Live Graph ?


I was but anyway thanks for replies really doesn't matter now - services went off last night @22:00  and no sign of it been fixed as i speak - as a result seriously considering cancelling the service (what there is of it) 🙂

Thanks for coming back to us Insecurity and we're sorry for the issues that you have been experiencing your connection and the outage over the weekend. Have your services been restored since you last posted?

Kind Regards,


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

So it wasn't a dirty fibre after all?

Yes finally came back (sort of) but the problem still persists another example is when try and download a file say 5gb or 4k streaming - you can visibly see the download rate just stall after about 10 seconds of download and sits at 0b/s for a good 30 seconds before increasing to not even near connected speed sometime lucky it will hit 40mb/s download speed but the drops back to 0 and rinse repeat so in essence a 5gb file actually takes 1hr plus to download i mean on a 2gb connection? i know differance between mbits and mb/s for downloding but know this is very bad. As gameing it is near impossible in a team even (in my case warcraft raiding) to actually get anything done when half way through a boss fight the net just stops ms goes through the roof everything freezes for 5-30 seconds then catches up in as though game is running in fast forward to catch up that's if and a big if at this point it hasn't already disconnected me from the game.   This also i might add not only happens on wifi but also on a pc connected to a 2.5gb ethernet connection so whatever is going on the "dropping" in any shape or form is ridiculous.  I have now been trying to get another engineer out to fix whatever the heck is going on but cant even get past the screen that asks what the router is doing as the screen no longer comes up to show what the router is doing - so no chance of even booking a engineer.  Again earlier in this post "ring fences team" was mention - i still do not know what this is or how to contact them.  This is really getting unacceptable now as service is not fit for use - my old connection FTTC was only 25mbit due to distance to cabinet but never once experianced these issues in game or anything else just pretty slow downloads but understandable on 25mbit but never dropped or high ms etc or disconnects like i am getting on what is meant to be Ultrafast!