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Connection Issues to Specific Game

Tuning in

I've been having connection issues to a specific game, Holdfast: Nations at War recently, looks to be similar to this case:

All was working fine up until last Tuesday but now this one specific thing has given up the ghost. Everything else on my network is working fine, including other games, but this one seems to have just packed in recently. I can get into the game and see servers, but am not able to actually join these and get met with the below error.


I've done some testing and narrowed it down to an issue with Virgin as it is working via a hotspot from my phone - however I'd rather not have to rely on this for gaming! Has VM changed something that is now blocking this game?

Platform is Steam on PC and Steam Deck, Windows 11.


Alessandro Volta

likely a routing issue maybe DNS so try changing to, or

if you know the IP run CMD tracert like



no luck, thanks though!

Tuning in

the issue has magically fixed itself!

Hi jordan_harris


Thanks for the update and glad to hear this issue has been resolved, if you need us again in the future please don't hesitate to get in touch via the forums.