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2/3 playstation 4/5's on the same network

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whenever my partner and mother in law (on 3 seperate playstations in the same house) play call of duty zombies (Cold war) one of us eventually disconnects, ranges from 15-30 minutes or so, but it does happen. 

We remain in the same party chat on the playstation and nobodys playstation disconnects from the internet (Hub 5) so just wondering why this might be? - i'd understand if something was clashing, and if the systems would completely disconnect from the network, but this does not happen. 

Has anyone experienced this, and if so, could anyone shed some light as to what the issue might be, its been a pain for months, even when we had a hub 3. 


Alessandro Volta

Router mode NAT not that good for handling your setup good at a better router with 1Gb ports and use hub in modem mode


Fibre optic

Sounds like a NAT issue. Not sure how easy or if it can be resolved with VM's less feature-rich kit. Never had this problem with multiple consoles playing at the same time, but was running a decent ASUS router with the Hub in modem mode.

SH2 modem mode | AC86U router | AC68U node