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Tuning in

My father was a user of internet service provider many years ago and had a email address. When no longer provided that service, he was able to continue using his email address without issue for many years.

Recently, he is unable to log in. Also unable to reset credentials on the current system (he does not have a Virgin Media account, just a legacy email address), he has had several conversations with customer service representatives who try, but are unable to, assist. They can find his details as part of the security check (name, address etc) but as he does not have a Virgin Media account there appears to be nothing they can do to progress the issue and help him to re-access his email. So how might he re-gain access to his email address?

Any assistance would be much appreciated! Thank you!


Alessandro Volta

An active broadband account with VM is needed to be able to use VM email services.

Many people posting on here are in the same situation as your father (using a legacy account set up years ago).

In recent times, VM has been vigorously clearing out such accounts and deleting them.

Occasionally VM does grant emergency access to a deleted account to try to rescue data but that tends to be for customers who have only just left VM.

A VM forum team person should reply here, usually within a few days, and may offer to try to facilitate this or may just tell you the account has been deleted.

Joining in

I’m in exactly the same position. Had a free email for 24 years, and it stopped working a week ago. I’ve given a new email address to send the reset link to, but nothing comes through. Is there a phone we can call as the WhatsApp team can’t help or don’t respond. 

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey lukerobert,

Welcome to the community and thanks for taking the time to post here on the forums. I’m sorry to hear of the issues that your father is having with his email account. 

We can look further into this from here to see if we can provide access or even just to advise, what has happened. As goslow advised that you do need an active broadband account to be able to manage a Virgin Media mail address. We can run through some fault checks via private message for you but some actions after that can only be performed, when we're speaking to the account holder. Are you happy to run through the checks via private message?

Kind Regards,


@Nigelritson wrote:

I’m in exactly the same position. <snip>

If you don't have an active VM broadband account, you won't be able to continue using the email address.

Best you might get is temporary access from VM to allow you to close everything down (but that is at VM's discretion).

Tuning in

Hi goslow and also Steven_L from Virgin! Apologies for the late reply but I had not realised you had kindly replied and thank you very much for the input. Sorry to hear you are having the same problem Nigelritson! 

Steven_L - understood about certain actions only being able to be performed when speaking with the account holder, so i'm thinking would the best route of progress be to:

(a) ask my father to join this forum and then (b) you could private message directly with him?

Many thanks!

Alessandro Volta

Yes that's the correct procedure.

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My name is NOT Alessandro. That's just a tag Virginmedia sticks on some contributors. Please ignore it.

If he can create his own profile and comment here @lukerobert then we will do all we can to resolve this with him. 


Thank you Ashleigh_C - we are going to create his profile today and then he can join the conversation 😊

Joining in

Good afternoon, thanks for everyones input so far. I am Luke Robert's father & now have my own profile here.

If somebody from Virgin could private message me to look further into the problem that would be much appreciated