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Webmail Forbidden and shortly after asked to change passwords multiple times for years...

Joining in

I am really tired of having to reset my email every few days/weeks due to suspicious activity on my account.  I have to reset so many different devices and clients and apps.. it's just crazy to ask anyone to do all this without any more detail or information to prevent it. I have virus protection I am not doing anything odd on my account or anything and this has been constant for years. Sometimes it's a month sometimes it's a week but initially i will lose webmail and then a short while after the account will be blocked and i can't access my account on my phone or outlook unless I make 2 new passwords for app and email. I am so sick of it.

Just reset your password is not the answer, sorry but thats the easy cover all response but it's unfair to ask people to reset countless apps and programs on a whim every week without giving more detail to allow anyone to prevent it happening next time.  If we were aware exactly what suspicious activity it is or why it flagged 'specifically' we know where to start looking and put something in place to stop it but its so deliberately ambigous we are just forced to do the reset password dance every few weeks without any explanation or help routing out why. 

I also have a theory, my account always seems to get blocked when I delete my junk mail.  I have a feeling that the keywords in the email or something to do with what are usually spam or fishing emails triggers something by its deletion and my account gets locked.  I am fairy sure I get blocked shortly after i delete them in Desktop Outlook.

Apologies for the rant 🙂


Tuning in

Ah I had the same problem after emptying my spam email box, first time I ever did it.

Won't be doing that again.