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Virgin Webmail Server Problems

On our wavelength


Am guessing everyone's having the same problems with Virgin's Webmail at the moment,whereby when using it check our emails,we get the red wheel of doom,followed by the issuing of a server issue message,at the bottom of the screen.

Having said that,emails are still arriving into my Gmail client,but there is clearly an issue with Virgins Webmail right now.

Anyone else having issues? 


On our wavelength


Keep getting this,coupled with the rotating wheel when refreshing the Webmail page,to access any incoming emails. 

On our wavelength

Same here, good old Virgin again.

On our wavelength

Looks to be back online again.


Yep, but not only that it has been patchy for several days now if not weeks with several random mini " server unreachable " notices which can last seconds or several minutes, what is going on VIRGIN ( again ) - of course as per usual not mention of webmail on the service status...


back up again but there is clearly an underlying issue which is not being addressed !

Hi there @Zammie21 

Thank you so much for your post and welcome to the community forums, it's great to have you back. 

I am so sorry that you have faced this issue with your email service and thank you for updating. Just to confirm is everything now working for you? 

I know you have mentioned service has been patchy, do you mean this exact issue has been raised before?

Hi Ashleigh_C

As,other members have said,it's patchy.

Have logged into check my incoming emails this morning via Webmail to be once again met by the red wheel of doom,and the server unreachable message at the bottom of the screen.Obviously given that other people are also having the same issue,there is a problem somewhere. 


We don't currently have any issues with the WebMail service and I am sorry it's been intermittent your end.

Let us know if this continues @Zammie21 

Forum Team

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