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Setting up email on smartphone

Joining in

My wife got a new phone and was trying to set up the mail app as a single place she could access mail from GMail and ntlword. Adding GMail was easy but adding ntlworld was a disaster. I couldn't use her ntlworld mail name and password to set up the connection (which is how my phone is set up and still works). Followed instructions on the Virgin Media site which now displays her GMail address as a secondary VM account which she has to use to login to VM mail via a browser but using the old password. She still seems to be receiving mail using the ntlworld address. However cannot get the mail app on her phone to set up the connection using the app password and her ntlworld mail name - very confusing and a total disaster in my view as I wanted to keep it simple for my wife who is not IT literate and will not handle having to use a browser to access her ntlword mail. Personally I've been trying fotr a long time to move services from my ntlworld accout to something else but some simply have no way to let you change your primary contact mechanism - including banks, health services and pension providers 😞


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