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Receiving email with a yellow banner "This message can only be displayed as plain text"

Tuning in

Firstly this is a new problem, for years I have been receiving emails from the same source that contain highlighted text, bold etc.

No this, any clues please?


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@用心棒 wrote:

@davidbohl wrote:

The email can be received correctly in Gmail and Outlook with the correct formatted standard text, with bold and highlighted text. It has no embedded links but does have attachments

It is going to be difficult to deduce the cause of this issue without an example email to observe. Is the email message causing this issue coming from a publicly accessible source, i.e. mailing list or similar?

@davidbohl, alternately select the problem message, then select > View source, press Ctrl + F to search the source text for Content-Type: header and post just those lines here.