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Outlook e-mail error (0x800CCC1A) :

Joining in

Was working fine until yesterday but now getting the following error message when I try to send an email from Outlook using my account 
Task 'Bernard - Sending' reported error (0x800CCC1A) : 'Your server does not support the connection encryption type you have specified. Try changing the encryption method. Contact your mail server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP) for additional assistance.'


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi MikeBernard


Thank you for your post and welcome back to our community.

I am sorry to hear about the issues you are having with your Outlook.

Please try the below. 


*Sign in to My Virgin Media
*Go to Account settings, then Account details
*Tap Manage next to Manage your Virgin Media Mail app password under Virgin Media Mail
*Then, under Virgin Media Mail app password tap Get password
*Continue the flow and a new secure password will be generated, and the mailbox unlocked
*Update any third-party apps that may be use to access your Virgin Media Mail emails with this new app password.


Please pop back to us when you can. 


Vikki - Forum Team

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Hello Vikki

Thanks for the update. Please can you clarify why you think my mailbox is locked as I am still receiving emails on this account, I just cant send them from Outlook?

Thanks,  Mike

Hi MikeBernard,


We would suggest those steps in the first instance as its a 3rd party client you are having an issue with.


Please let us know if that resolves the issue.


If it doesn't, could you please then confirm if you send emails via our web mail?


Please pop back to us when you can. 



Vikki - Forum Team

New around here? To find out more about the Community check out our Getting Started guide


I can send mails from web mail suggesting that the account is not locked.



Hi Mike,

Thanks for letting us know.

In that case, can you please take a look at our email help pages here and ensure that all your email settings are set to the recommended configurations.

Let us know how you get on 😊


Hello Beth

It's been working fine for years with the current settings but stopped working on Saturday. Did VM changing the settings because of the issues they've been having with email? PS it's just the account that has stopped working the account is still working fine.

Thanks,  Mike

Hi Mike,

As you are able to sign in via our webmail without issues, it does indicate a possible issue with the client itself. We have not made any changes to the settings on this end.

I'd also recommend changing the password if this has not been done since the issues began. Again I appreciate that you are able to sign in so there won't be an issue with the password, but this can help refresh the service.


Hello Forum Team

Other people in this forum have reported this issue and that it is now working. I've checked this morning and confirm mine is now working again without making any changes. This suggests that server end issues created Friday night have now been corrected.

Regards,  Mike

On our wavelength

No issues yesterday but today I have this problem now.