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Not Spam option not working

Tuning in

I found an email (eg one from my travel agent) had been diverted to my Spam folder.

So I right clicked and selected Not Spam.

It disappeared from the Spam list ... but only for a moment! It then reappeared in the Spam folder.

How do I stop this happening ? I just want emails from my travel agent in my Inbox.

FYI There are no entries in my Blocklist. 


Steve Bosley


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

AFAIK Virgin Media's spam filtering occurs on receipt of message so is unlikely to be responsible for the message returning to your Spam folder.

Are you using Virgin Media Mail (webmail) or another email client to move the message?

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I am accessing it through My Virgin Media on my laptop  though also use the E Mail cllient on my Samsung Galaxy S23 which does not have this problem