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Need to get access to old blue yonder email id

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Hi I'm trying to help a friend/colleague.

She was originally with blue yonder and is still with virgin media as ISP.  Until about 2 years ago she used her blue yonder email account.  She then set up a gmail account and stopped using the blue yonder id.  She now needs to access it again, but can't remember her password. 

From looking at password reset it seems to say that it will send a link to her email - but if she can't get into the email she can't get the link!  Or am I missing something. 

I know that she should be able to get to email via logging onto her account at, but she's never done this - and I suspect it's the same password as her email.  What would be the best way to proceed?


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@oldmike if the blueyonder email address concerned hasn't been accessed for two years then it should have been shut down by VM as per their acceptable usage policy.  That said there are many reports of this not happening.

If the blueyonder email address is still connected to her Virgin Media broadband account then she should be able to reset the password via the My Virgin Media account.  Following a security change last year she will need to set a new username for the email address using a non Virgin Media email address in order to go through the new security process.  She could use her Gmail address for this purpose.

When you say that she has never accessed her My Virgin Media account online how does she access here monthly bills?


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Hi Graham, thanks for the reply. 

With regard to how does she access her monthly bills, I'm not sure that she does.  I think that she just pays them by direct debit and doesn't look at the detail.  If she doesn't log on to her account, and doesn't know how to, i.e. doesn't know the password is it then a case of phoning virginmedia support?

Hi oldmike,

Thanks for reaching out to us in our community, so we can help your friend/ Colleague we would advise her to call us on either 150 from a Virgin Landline or 0345 454 1111 from any other phone.



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OK, thanks