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Locked out of Webmail and 3rd-party apps

Joining in

We are locked out of a secondary email address that is my wife’s main address. Two secondary email apps asked her to re-enter the email password, even though it had not been changed. We changed her My Virgin Media password, but did not set up a Mail App Password. We realized our mistake and went back to set up a Mail App Password and got as far as entering a non-Virgin email address and receiving an email to confirm our identity by confirming that non-Virgin email address. We had to go out at that point, and the “confirm mail address” link timed out. Now we have followed the same procedure many times, but we have not received a new “confirm email address” message. My wife is also locked out of webmail access. If you could first unlock her webmail and then lead us through the procedure to regain use of third-party mailbox apps, we’d be very grateful.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey Jethro, thank you for reaching out and I am sorry to hear this.

I will send you a DM now and we can try and unlock the account by changing the password.

Keep an eye out for it. 


Matt - Forum Team

New around here?