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Issue sending emails in Outlook (IMAP) on my Macbook Air

Tuning in

Hi all
I'm on a 2020 Macbook Air running Big Sur, using Outlook for my Virginmedia email.

A few weeks ago receiving email was very juddery - mail would come in very swiftly and efficiently on my iPhone 13, but on my laptop it would arrive in fits and starts. This has improved a bit, but now while email is arriving OK, I keep getting Undeliverable messages from Microsoft Outlook like this whenever I try to send a message from my VirginMedia address:

MessageDeliveryFailedException: Could not deliver the message [len=70, data=00000000D30BD5F19125DA48B5943DAB8C0260040700CEA2B47462BCB64280BCCD6D965418E400000000010F0000CEA2B47462BCB64280BCCD6D965418E40000C7B1F07C0000] sent at 3/19/2024 10:15:17 AM.
Failure code: 9932

 I really do need to get this fixed. Outlook on my Macbook runs three other email accounts for me and sending/receiving works fine for those. I can also still send and receive Virginmedia email fine from my iPhone, using the Mail app.

Help would be appreciated! Thanks



On our wavelength

I've had exactly the same thing running Outlook on my iMac (running Sonoma 14.4) with my old NTLWORLD email address (IMAP). Been "glitchy" over a few weeks it seems but this morning an email I sent didn't go and other emails that were in my inbox on my iphone didn't appear in my inbox on my iMac. Then later (over 4 hours later) I got an "internally" generated email from Outlook in my iMac inbox giving a similar error message the OP has posted (same fault code). The missing inbound emails are a worry - I was waiting for a verification code for a website I was using (which is why I checked on my iPhone). Also - perhaps related? - I had an unusual amount of email erroneously  flagged as Junk which I had already received into my inbox days ago. Question is, is this Virginmedia, Apple or Microsoft - please don't let this be a case of each blaming the other.....

Hello thechief. 

Thankyou for bringing this to our attention.

Sorry to hear about the issues you are also having with your email address.

It is a tough one to say who is responsible, The failure code 9932 is directly linked to Outlook.

Although saying that we are not ones to blame anyone else and would like to help you as much as we can.

Would you be able to follow the steps below.

. Sign in to My Virgin Media

• Go to Account settings, then Account details

• Tap Manage next to Manage your Virgin Media Mail app password under Virgin Media Mail

• Then, under Virgin Media Mail app password tap Get password

• Continue the flow and a new secure password will be generated, and the mailbox unlocked

• Update any third-party apps that may be use to access your Virgin Media Mail emails with this new app password.
You will need to completely remove all the account details from Outlook and set it back up as a fresh account again.

Can you please let me know how you get on.



On our wavelength

Hi. Just a quick update. I didn't reset any passwords. Instead I deleted the account from Outlook and then added it back in again. This seems to have done the trick. Will update if there are any ongoing issues.