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How Do I Change my Virgin Media / Email Account Login Password?

Dialled in

I honestly thought this would be pretty easy, I'm sure it was last time I undertook the process about a year ago but when I log in to My Virgin Media (Secondary Account) and go via the Account Settings to my Account Details screen and then select 'Edit' next to Password I get a message asking me to 'verify it's me' and to 'change my sign in email address to a non-VM email address' so I can be sent a verification code.

I don't want to change my email address just my log in password, is the link broken or am I doing something wrong entirely?  If,  I am meant to change my email address when prompted to a non VM one in order to then change my password will this permanently change my current log in email address and/or delete my mailbox etc


Up to speed

No you are not doing anything wrong, as of a little while ago, the login name (historically and normally your VM email address) for your MyVirginMedia account itself now needs to be a non-VM branded address. So the first thing you need to do is to create a third party email address with say Gmail or Microsoft. Armed with that, you then follow the steps to change the username (login address) to the new third party one for the MyVM account in question.

It will send a confirmation email to your new address, eventually it will then let you in. 

Now you are logged into the MyVM account, you can proceed to change the password for the email mailbox itself.

Basically, there is now a disconnect between the login details for the MyVM account and any VM email mailboxes and addresses, your existing VM email isn’t altered and carries on working as before.

Now you say that this is a ‘secondary’ email address and as you have already found each user or secondary address has it’s own separate login to the matching MyVM account - and the above applies to each of them, you will need to go through the same process if you want to log in to change your primary email password as well.

In the event that you have multiple secondary addresses (perhaps for different family members), each of them will need their own separate login for their MyVM account, and as usernames have to be unique, it is necessary to setup multiple third party addresses, and use each one in turn to change the login names for each account.

Dialled in

Thanks for confirming all of the above information, that makes perfect sense to me now albeit a bit of a faff just to change a password for something I'm not even locked out of!

HELP Please....

I've eventually got around to this now and have followed everything through, it all seemed okay however whilst i have been able to use the new 'VM Mail App Password' (a series of 4 words spaced with a hyphen) to continue to access my ntlworld emails on my iPhone and also log into my emails on the phones safari browser using iOS Biometrics (Face Scan)

i am now unable to log in on my desktop PC using either my original ntlworld email address or the g-mail address i set up during initiating the password changing process,

i have changed the e-mail address log in password a few times via my iPhone where I have access, but my desktop PC keeps telling me either my email address or password is wrong, i have tried all combinations of the two ntlworld and gmail adresses with passwords set up, even changed the password several times (not the app password used for email access on the iPhone), but it never works/logs me in on the desktop PC.

It driving me crazy as i really need desktop access to my email account as that's where i keep most of my historic emails and print docs or send long emails from....

OK sorry ignore me I have now got it to work, but in case anyone else is having similar issues It may have been as I was logged in on the iPhone via Biometrics that the Desktop PC Password wasn't taking effect each time I changed it despite it confirming it had been changed, I really didn't want to log out of my emails on the phone in case it wouldn't allow me back in but I bit the bullet and logged out on the phone and next password change I made then successfully worked on the Desktop (using the new gmail address) and i was able to log back in via the phone also but this time using the new password rather than biometrics just in case it caused an issue with the desktop log in.

I have to say this is an absolutely mind bending crazy system just to simply change a password (as we are all encouraged to do from time to time) from a secondary email account that I wasn't even locked out of originally...