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Emails from O2 are not arriving

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Anyone else experiencing the non-delivery of emails from O2? My last communication was at 12.35 on 29/2/2024. Since then, not a one has come through. I know they have sent some, as I am in the process of upgrading my mobile - they send the order confirmation as well as all the contractual guff via email, but none has arrived. Nothing in the spam folder either. Just seems odd, considering the link-up between VirginMedia and O2!

Thanks in advance for any insights.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @jongar ,

Welcome back to our community forums and sorry to hear you are not receiving emails from O2. We can understand your concern and want to do our best to help. Just to clarify, what O2 email are you unable to receive emails from? How long has this issue been ongoing? Do you get this issue on multiple devices? 


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Hi Akua_A,

Thanks for your reply. As I detailed in my post, I have not received any emails from O2 since 29/2/2024.

This situation exists on multiple devices (pc, mobile, tablet, laptop).

I cannot say what the sending email account is, because I haven't got a sample to hand. The sort of documents being sent are those related to an upgrade to my mobile (airtime agreement, order confirmation, contract information etc).


Is this only happening with O2 emails?

Would they be sending you regularly emails like this?

Have you unsubscribe by accident maybe?

It may be worth logging in onto the O2 app and seeing it any settings have changed.

Matt - Forum Team

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