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Email address given to scammer

Joining in

My elderly father has given his email out with other id to a likely scammer.  Can virgin help change his email/block the other one?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey there @Pickle3 Thanks for reaching out to us and a warm welcome to the Virgin Media Community forums. 👋🏼

I'm sorry to hear about the issues with the email. 😢
Is it a a Virgin Media email if I may ask? If so - we will need the account holder to get in touch in relation to this.

As it is his email, we do require the account holder to contact us due to security regulations, with them we can delete the email or change the password.
Have they tried via the My Virgin Media app to gain access to reset the password?

Let us know. 🧾

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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Joining in

It is - it is an ntl one. I am authorised to deal on the account due to his age.  Who can I call or email? Thanks 

Hi Pickle3,

Thank you. Is the NTL email linked to a current active broadband account with us?

If so, do you have power of attorney on the account?

Please pop back to us when you can. 

Vikki - Forum Team

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I am added on the account as verified authorised person and always have been.  Yes the address is linked to the broadband and tv package.  I called for help twice yesterday and the two different handlers both dropped the call half hour in (when it became difficult for them to understand). We were given a three digit number for my parent and i to call last time we renewed for vulnerable customers (14 something) but cannot locate it

Do you know, what exactly your father gave out to the scammers? If it was just his actual email address, that’s annoying and will almost certainly result in an uptick in spam email, in itself, it’s not the end of the world. If he also handed over his password for this email, that’s more concerning, and the very first thing you need to do is to take steps to change this password.

You mentioned ‘other ID’, without, naturally going into details, do you know what that was?

I don’t believe that VM can ‘change’ the email address, as they no longer support giving out new addresses for anyone. Your best bet is probably to spin up an entirely new email address for your father, from some other third party, Google or Microsoft for example. Once done it is possible to use this new address as the login tied to his VM account(s), then start the, laborious, process of notifying all of his contacts of this new address. Once done then simply forget about the old, compromised, address and just stop using it.

Hey @Pickle3,

Welcome back to the Community Forums and thanks for the post.

Sorry to hear about the issue faced with the email, it might be worth reporting this via our website here, this will provide the best help on what to do in cases such as this.